Master Slave Clock Manufacturer, Master Clock, Master Clock Systems, Mumbai, India
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  Time plays very important role in every individuals & Time synchronization is crucial in today's world...
  DYNATEK provides a synchronized time solution for each type of facility like Government sector, Corporate sector , All type of Industries, Health care centers , Educational institutes.

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Master Slave Clock Manufacturer, Master Clock, Master Clock Systems, Mumbai, India


Educational Institute
Accurate timing has a profound effect on students as well as schools staff. Students may be very creative when it comes to give excuses for being late to class. Meanwhile, teachers may find difficult for starting and ending their classes on time.
Dynatek synchronized digital clock system can help you meet the challenge of getting students and staff, when & where they need to be..

Help students by developing a valuable lifelong skill to be punctual.
Increase efficiency by minimizing latecomers disruptions.
Reduce confusion and inefficiency by synchronizing time throughout all school areas.
Reduce maintenance costs.

In a corporate environment, daily official schedule is disturbed because of inaccurate clocks. It leads to reduce overall efficiency & increase the loss of productivity. For example, staff arriving late to work, meetings, presentations, or training sessions get convenient excuses of inaccurate clocks. Dynatek synchronized digital clocks provide a solution to put everyone in the same time & make easier to work together to increase the efficiency & higher productivity of the work place.


Help each staff to be punctual & improve productivity.
Keep breaks limited to times stated in HR policy
Ensure that meetings start and finish on schedule
Minimizing late comers disruptions
Reduce costly maintenance work

Health Care
In hospital& healthcare facilities accurate time plays an very important role for dispensing medications, examine lab results, and administer medicine.It helps to maintain daily critical operations & shift schedule. Dynatek synchronized digital clock system is an ideal solution to achieve above target & minimize cost of installation and maintenance.
Clinical research is a time-intensive, costly activity. But, employing Dynatek synchronized digital clock system helps to adopt time management techniques to increase the efficiency of this process and help bring new medical products to market faster for the millions who so desperately need the


A system for accurate synchronized time is highly critical for a company's growth and success as it ensures proper utilization of the human resource capital within an organization.
An accurate time system plays an important roll to increase productivity to the maximum possible extent. Ensuring that every single minute of constructive work is recorded and rewarded properly will act as a motivation for the employees who will then strive to put in greater efforts and hence enhance the overall productivity of your business.
Synchronized time in manufacturing environments promotes schedule adherence, helping the entire team meet productivity goals. When shift workers' schedules are in sync, your organization can count on increased efficiency of manufacturing processes.

Help your staff to be punctual by Standardizing punch in and out times
Keep breaks to appropriate lengths
Help meetings stay on track
Improves Efficiency
Improves Performance
Enhances Employee Satisfaction

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