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Dynatek provides Autobell system which is an element the need for human attention the working of a school bell.

In the today’s growth of student population, more extracurricular activities & ever increasing workload due to the modernization of education every staff member in school from the principal to the peon are under tremendous stress to end a daily task within the fixed time limit. To ring the school bell at the proper time is a task in itself and an investment of time, effort & money.

Imagine a school bell acts as a full-time staff member also working on its own! Yes, we Dynatek’ have turned your imagination into reality.


Salient Features


Autobell is a sophisticated programmable unit and its rings an electrical bell/siren automatically as per the programme schedule which has built-in Real Time Clock with LCD display.


Autobell is designed to program 7 schedules. Each schedule consists of 50 bells and the user can set 50 different bells for each day.


The user can assign any schedule on any day and some schedule can also be assigned for one or more days.


Autobell is often configured as a master or a slave in case it is used in the synchronized digital clock system.


Autobell has a provision of a holiday setting.


The Auto/Manual mode is provided for unexpected changes in the schedule. This function enables the bell to be rung manually according to the change without disturbing the previous setting.


Ball length from 1sec. to 60 sec. can be set, keeping in mind the necessity for a long/short bell. Autobell is given with this unique feature of setting the length of every single bell.


Autobell has the provision for a double bell if the schedule is required two consecutive bells to be rung. In case of failure of main power, a bell will not ring but built-in clock operates on battery back up hence programmed schedule will not be disturbed.