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International Time Zone Clock

DYNATEK Time - zone clocks are designed and manufactured to meet the requirements of the most demanding, prestigious and reliability critical applications in dealing rooms, command, control and communications facilities, conference and reception areas.

DYNATEK Time – Zone clocks are designed with a latest technology having a TCP-IP communication facility and provided with “Dynatek Time Software” which will be loaded to PC in existing LAN Network. This PC acts as a Master and communicates “Time Data“ (GMT + Offset ) to every zone clock.

International Time Zone Clock

DYNATEK TIME SOFTWEAR is having following Features


Programmable Zone - location.


Programmable Day light saving mode.


Programmable (GMT + Offset) Time data for each Time-zone clock.


Optional inter-changeable zone name plates.


2.3" digits with RED, GREEN and YELLOW colour.


Long distance visibility.